This is something we really love to hear! Black+Blum will be celebrating Green Friday this year. Instead of discounting their products, they have pledged to donate 15% of all their sales generated between Green Friday and Cyber Monday. Prior to Green Friday, Black+Blum has already pledged 1% of its annual sales to sustainable charities.

Here is a quote from Dan Black, Co Founder and Lead Designer at Black+Blum:

“Designers hold some of the responsibility for the environmental crisis the world now faces. We helped fuel the consumer society we live in and created all the products that the market bought but didn’t really need and that too often have ended up in landfill. It is now our responsibility to make sure the products we create really are needed and justify being produced.

“As designers, we have the ability to shape, influence, and educate the market to be more discerning and this is our aim at Black+Blum. Aside from products, we also need to go a step further as companies. We are always inspired by Yvon Chouinard, the co-founder of 1% for the Planet and committed to members. We also committed to being Climate Neutral. Joining Green Friday is our latest initiative, where we can show our customers what we stand for and hopefully use it to even more.”

Black+Blum has partnered with Trees For Cities charity. The charity focuses on improving life by planting trees in cities around the world. Get to know more about black+blum and their Green Friday Pledge here.

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